What If?

What if I ceased aspiring to be an idea I have about who I should be or what I am supposed to be doing? Why on earth would I want to be an idea when I can actually just be who I am?

A Letter to my Father, Who is Dead

14 February 2016, Daybreak Lucia, California A Letter to my Father, Who is Dead Dear Dad, Nearly three decades have passed since your death. I have lived almost half of my life without you. I am struck by all the things I would like to say to you, nearly 30 years on, about my life … [Read more…]

A Walk with Presence

13 February 2016 Mid-afternoon Lucia, California This morning I awoke, reflecting on my origins. And I began to wonder how I arrived here, at a Christian monastery after having rejected God for the better part of my life. I realized that I majored in Philosophy because I longed for answers. All I received were more … [Read more…]

Where Celestial Meets Terrestrial

Mid-day February, New Camaldoli Hermitage The elixir of relaxation moves through me like sticky honey, slowing me down. I feel it moving out from my heart into arteries and veins; capillaries and cells. Here I feel I am alone in a cathedral the size of the world and the heavens are its dome. During the … [Read more…]

At the Monastery

Saturday, February 13th, 2016. Sunrise Lucia, California I awoke this morning to a pink sky and lavender ocean after worldly dreams in this heavenly place. I am enveloped in utter silence and stillness, windows open wide. I feel as though I exist within a still frame…no movement, no sound…not even the rustling of a breeze. … [Read more…]

The Perfect Moment

Recently I was asked by a close friend why I wanted to blog. It was a very good question; I hadn’t actually articulated my reasons, even to myself. I only knew I was feeling compelled to do so. My friend’s question prompted deeper reflection and I would like to share a few of my reasons … [Read more…]