A Prayer

Feel the magnificence of life as it seeps through your pores and travels through each cell in your body electric. This is what Walt Whitman knew, the body electric. It feels as if a switch has been flipped inside of me and the love moves through my system unbeckoned, unhampered; uncontained. I feel it for my husband; I feel it for all living creatures. I feel it emanating from flora and fauna. I see it in the eyes of others who do not know the stuff of which we are made.

How can there be such Beauty? Such unbearable love that must be borne?

There is a metallic taste in my mouth. What is this? It feels charged…like the rest of me. The Kundalini is roaring through me tonight like a freight train. I pray. I pray for the souls of all of us who are alive and dead, that we may learn to live as we are born to live; to discover the essence of who we are and live a life of joyful service to Being. Let me be open to the gifts that are laid before me. Let me open my heart to myself and others so that I may cease living in a way that causes suffering to myself or others. Let me remember the light when I feel darkness and fear enfolding me. Let there be faith when I feel doubt. Allow me to remember all that I have been taught and shown, feel those illuminated teachings when I am lost and when others come to me in moments of crisis.

Help me to be free of the ideas and beliefs that tie me to a life of limitation. Let me be a beacon to those who are lost, including myself, and feel love and compassion rather than judgment.

Let me remember with every breath I breathe the love I know to be emanating from Being, a love born of the Truth without judgment or recrimination. Let me catch every single unkind thought and move it through my heart before it enters the ether.

When the veils are thinned, lifted – I am left naked and vulnerable and unafraid of this great Love, this exquisite seeing, this Divine Grace that wants to be born, fully born, as Claire.

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